Garden Tool Set

Garden Tool Set

Gardening has been a hobby and aesthetic factor for many houses for ages. Gardening is not completed by just planting but it should be taken care. You have to water it, mulch it, remove the weeds from your garden and overall care should be there to keep your garden healthy and growing. You will have to be extremely careful while doing this because depending upon the age of the plant the care and tool set used also will be different. Here I will discuss about how to take care of your garden using one of the best garden tool set – Falcon Premium Garden kit. The tools in the Falcon Premium Garden kit are – Khurpa (small and medium), Trowel, Weeder, Edging and Grafting knives, Grass shear, hedge shear, pruning secateurs, pruning saw and bill hook.


Now we will look into each of the tools in this set and how to use them for your garden. The Khurpa (kit has both small and medium size) is traditionally used to dig and remove weeds in your garden. Removing weeds from your garden is very important since it is going to trouble your lovely plants. Khurpa can also be used to carry around the saplings from the pot to the soil.

The next item in the kit is the trowel which can be used for digging, removing weeds, mixing fertilizers and even planting saplings on the earth. The different between Khurpa and trowel is that Khurpa has flat blade and trowel usually has a pointed blade. Along with this you get a weeder separately to remove weeds which cannot be removed using other tools. Edging and grafting knifes are used to keep your plants and garden in shape. The grafting knife is used to cut through the unwanted branches of plants which are more like shrubs. The edging knife is a tool which can be used to shape the edges of your lawn or garden. The one in this kit is short in length and the blade has an ‘L’ shape however you can buy edging knife separate from market which has a longer handle.


Grass and hedge shear are also used for shaping your garden and grass bed. The Grass shear is very useful when you want to shape the grass bed from the edges. The hedge shear is used to shape the shrubs into particular shapes. You would have seen shrubs in different forms and shapes in big gardens and this is accomplished by hedge shears. Pruning secateurs are also a type of shear which is used when the branches thicker and in that case hedge shears cannot be used. Pruning saw is more like a saw not like scissors which is the case of shears. Pruning saw can be used to cut thicker (more than 2 cms) branches. Bill hook which can be used as a sickle in your garden to remove the cut branches and roots which are left of old trees or plants. this is wonderful garden tool set.

The kit from Falcon gives you a complete gardening tool kit to help you take care of your garden.

Falcon Premium Garden Kit

Gardening, a practice which was there from the prehistoric times includes cultivating and tending to the plants. In the ancient times gardening was done to give the aesthetic value to homes or palaces. The rich people started to invest money and people in gardening. Nowadays gardening is considered as a hobby and a means of beautifying their yard. The tools used for gardening is called garden tool set have been evolving and has become a big industry. You get to choose from multiple gadgets that are mechanical, or electrically operated. Gardening does not mean that only plants with ornamental value can be planted. You can plant and cultivate useful plants like herbs and medicinal plants. The choice of the plants rests on you!

A garden tool set is essential for any type of garden, be it an ornamental one or a medicinal one. In his article I would be reviewing one of the Garden kits manufactured by Falcon. This tool kit contains ten items. The tools in the Falcon Premium Garden kit are – Khurpa (small and medium), Trowel, Weeder, Edging and Grafting knives, Grass shear, hedge shear, pruning secateurs, pruning saw and bill hook.

     Falcon Premium Garden Kit 
  • Contains : Grass shear, Pruning secateur
  • Hedge Shear ,Pruning Saw , Grafting Knife
  • Bill Hook , Trowel , Khurpa
  • Khurpa(m) , weeder

The grass shear is used to cut the edges of the lawn and the grass which was not cut while using a lawn mower. This is almost like a pair of scissors, but used in garden. The hedge shear is also added to shape your yard just like grass shear helps you. Pruning secateur (pruning shear) which is used to cut the thick branches (even 2 cms thick) of the plants where the fine cut habitat is maintained. You would have seen this in big garden of museums or big buildings. The next tool in the kit is pruning saw which is used to cut the branches of plants but looks more like a knife or a saw.

The grafting knife in the Falcon Garden kit can be used to fine cut the plants without tearing the tissues. This is usually used as Bonsai tool. The next tool, edging knife is used to cut your lawn edges cleaner and can also be used to cut a long grass strip to plant it somewhere else. The next gardening tool in the Falcon kit is the bill hook that you can use to cut the branches and shrubs and is distinctly familiar with sickle. The trowel in the kit helps you to move around and spread the mortar, digging small holes or mixing additives for your plants.

The Khurpa included in the kit is traditionally used for digging and weeding. This tool is actually from India where they use it for tilling, digging, weeding etc. The kit has both small and medium sized khurpas. The last tool in the kit is a weeder which is very useful for removing the weeds from your garden. With these tools in the all in one tool kit Falcon has made the life of a gardener a lot easier. You can even gift one to your family member who loves gardening.