Gardening starts with cultivating and planting seeds or plants you need in your garden. A garden trowel or just ‘trowel’ is a tool that is used for digging, or moving around some sand and weeds in the garden. This tool has been known by different names around the world, but has been quietly doing its job for ages. You can make use of this small gardening tool while cultivating your land for gardening. Now let us look into how to make good use of a trowel for your garden.

The first use you can have with a trowel is breaking up the earth. When you start gardening you will have to cultivate or make the sand ready for planting or sowing. You can use hand trowel if you are having a small area for garden. Once the soil is ready you can use the hand trowel to dig small holes so that you can sow the seeds or plant the saplings.

               Garden trowel 

  • Top quality, rust-resistant, one-piece aluminum blade made to withstand the most demanding use.
  • Bright green color always easy to spot. Reinforced handle hole convenient for storage.
  • Each trowel is beautifully polished and arrives in a burlap tote sack

You can also use it to remove the weeds from your garden. In fact, I would suggest that to be done mandatorily as otherwise the weeds would be draining out the much needed soil nutrients of the plant. Another work that can be accomplished using the hand trowel is the mixing of the fertilizers or additives. If you want to change a plant from one pot to another you can use the hand trowel. I will try to explain this with one of the best products available online.

Garden Trowel from Homegrown

This hand trowel makes it very easy for you to work with your garden. The blade of the hand trowel is made of aluminium which the company claims is rust resistant. The handle is covered with a rubber palm rest so that the holder does not have any trouble while using it. The rubber palm rest is further equipped with a contoured finger grip so that it will not cause any finger or wrist fatigue.

In the picture shown here, they have selected the bright green color for the handle so that you can spot the tool quite fast. Not only that this set comes with a tote bag to keep the trowel after use. Storage would never be a problem with this tote bag. As for any gardening tool you have to clean the trowel after every use. This tote bag even lets you carry and store the seeds. The aluminium blade of this hand trowel is polished so that rusting can be prevented ensuing that this tool has a long life. The manufacturer even gives you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and life time warranty for their product which speaks a lot about the quality of the product they are offering.

Now that you have gone through this article, you are in a better position to use a hand trowel. You also have a fair idea about the features of one of the best trowels in the market and the indispensable need of  a hand trowel in your gardening tool kit.