Everyone loves to see a beautiful garden, and some love to have one. But, not all would love to create a beautiful garden in their yard all by themselves. Gardening takes effort, and an unending passion to keep it going. With all the toil that is put towards gardening, seeing the results you will realize that it was worth the effort and the investment. This website is dedicated for all those gardening enthusiasts – the ones who strive hard to make their garden near perfect. Through this website we would like to put forth a sincere endeavor towards making your gardening experience less cumbersome while being very effective. This website would serve as the perfect source for choosing the best gardening tools to make your dream garden a reality with minimal investment. All along this journey, we will take you through some of the best gadgets that will help you in quenching your passion for gardening.

Gardening tool:

If you ask me what is a gardening tool I will say any hand tool or power tool which are used in gardening, agriculture or even in horticulture. Whoever is interested in gardening will know about gardening tools and how important they are. Just like cultivation and planting you have to take care of your garden with the use of proper tools, but make sure that you do not go overboard. You have to buy the basic gardening tools like gloves, hoe, trowel, spade, hose, and rake first.

All you need to know about gardening machineries:

Well, the question about what differentiates machinery from a tool has been lingering for quite some time. In gardening terms, I would like to set the record straight by saying that machinery is a complex gadget that has many processes running in it to achieve its objective. There are many gardening machineries that one can choose from based on the area of the lawn and the complexity of the task to be done. Typically, gardening machinery requires a source of power and hence eliminates mechanical work. Lawn mowers (the ride-on kinds) and tractors are best examples of gardening machineries that are of great use. Beside these, you also have grass trimmers that are either gas, electric or battery operated. The decision to go for a basic gardening tool or a machinery depends on the manual effort that can be put in (of course, the time involved is also considered), and the investment that can be made towards gardening.

Top rated Gardening products:

The gardening tools and products manufacturing industry is a huge market and has many different firms involved. Having to make the decision to buy a suitable tool that is both high on utility as well as low on cost is quite a challenge. For starters, this can be quite an arduous task than for a seasoned gardener. So, we thought we would take you through the top rated gardening products that would be of great use to you. I am going to list out the gardening tools that are most widely used and accepted. I will also delve on their uses and benefits. Armed with this piece of information, you would be in a better position to make that decision of buying the right tool(s) that suits your gardening requirements.

Garden trowel:

Garden trowel is one of the important and basic tools which you have to buy while starting gardening or even for cultivating the land. This small metal made tool is a multipurpose one and aids you in shaping up your garden. Hand trowel can be used to break the earth, mix the fertilizers in the earth, removing the saplings and planting saplings to the soil. These can also be useful if your garden is attacked by weeds that slow down your plants’ growth.


When you select a hand trowel you have to look in to some facts. First you have to check of which metal is the trowel made, is it made of a metal which will not rust and also will dig through hard soil. The best choice will be stainless steel. You may also select aluminium since it is light compared to stainless steel. Along with this consider the material with which the handle is made of so that you can hold the trowel for long time. We have written a separate article on how to make use of the trowel and the model which can be useful for you.

Garden tool set:

Above we saw the necessity of having the basic gardening tools and here I will briefly discuss about the tool sets that can be helpful for you to achieve that task. If you are planning to start gardening or want to mend your garden it is always better to buy a tool set rather than buying each tool separately. This will help you to save money and also helps in storage as you will also get all the tools in one bag.


For the people who are just starting the gardening it will be little difficult to decide on the tools they need. Before deciding on the garden tool set you have to consider some factors. The first one is the type of the plants that you are planning to grow in your garden; vegetable plants or flowering plants. So once you are sure about that just think about the activities that you will have to perform. According to that you can start the search for the perfect gardening tool set. Just make sure that the tool kit you selected has all the essential tools for gardening.

Bolens Lawn mower:

Bolens, one of the pioneers in the gardening machinery has 3 types of lawn mowers. The company also makes other garden machineries like saws, snow throwers, and other products which will help you keep your garden and yard clean. In lawn mowers Bolens has ride-on mowers, push lawn mowers, and self-propelled mowers. In each type they offer more than 7 models so that the customer can choose according to their need.


In the ride-on type they have 7 models, in the push lawn mower type they have 18 models and in self-propelled type they have 11 models. The ride-on Bolens lawn mower or lawn tractors are used when you have a half-acre or more lawn and garden. These types of lawn mowers also comes with facilities like hauling, snow removal along with the basic functions. Push mowers (walk-behind mowers) can be availed as both electric and gas mowers. Self-propelled mowers are also walk behind mowers but can be used in yards with obstacles or hills.

Electric start lawn mower:

Compared to the old traditional gas lawn mowers electric start lawn mowers pretty new in the market and have its own positives and negatives. In electric start lawn mowers there are two types; corded and cordless. The corded mowers will not be easy to handle since it limits your mobility and also you may have the fear of electrocution. In cordless models you may not get a mowing time as you expect. Also these will be more expensive than gas mowers.


However these disadvantages may be very few when you compare the benefits. You do not have to think about changing oil, spark plugs, fuel filters and gasoline. You just have to push a button and the mower is ready for you. The other benefits are that they are quieter and are better for the environment. Also in cordless mowers you can get the battery charged in 30 minutes (in most of the models and the time is an average time). Electric start mowers are a good choice for people who have trouble in pulling the cord.

Worx lawn mower:

Worx is a manufacturer of garden and lawn tools which was introduced in 2004. Worx lawn mower has variety of products but here I will just briefly mention about the lawn mower. They have electric start mowers and even one robotic lawn mower. The 56V cordless mower and 24V cordless mower are the two models in the electric start mowers that are more accepted among the users. These two models works on Intellicut technology which is designed especially for tough mowing conditions. This feature ensures that more power is delivered for tougher conditions.


The robotic mower does everything itself. You just have to switch it on. When the battery is going to be drained it automatically goes to the charging deck gets the battery charged. All the other lawn mowers that Worx manufactures are electric start.

Which is the best product?

Here is the most difficult question to answer. I’ve already listed out and explained in some detail about some of the best gardening tools and machinery that can be of great use in your gardening activities. Singling on particular ones would not serve the purpose of the common audience as the needs vary according to the size of the lawn, the kind of plants and the choice of the gardener. Therefore, you are the best judge when it comes to choosing the best product as you know your needs better than anyone else. Weigh the pros and cons and choose wisely. Happy gardening!